Gardening & Landscaping Experts

Gardening expert Rick Hobson and his wife Jennifer, landscape designer, have assembled an outstanding staff of experienced nursery professionals who are eager to help you select the plants and supplies that match your gardening style and desired results, so just tell us what you have in mind, and we’ll help you bring it to life in your lawn, garden, planters, and pots!

Mission Statement:

A God-given, family-owned company that exceeds expectation through service, selection, quality & knowledge.


Please keep receipts as proof of purchase for your warranty. You will receive a 30-day warranty on cold hardy trees, shrubs, and perennials. Your warranty will be extended to 90-days with the purchase, and use, of suggested root stimulator and compost. Houseplants, annuals and other non-hardy plants are not eligible for warranty. All purchases of sale and clearance items are final with no warranty. 

Rick Hobson

“When I was growing up, we had huge gardens, and we flood irrigated. Most vegetable plants came in tin cans. We would cut out the bottoms, and one of my favorite memories was making culverts out of the tin cans to channel the water from one row to the next, and watching the water as it filled the troughs and flowed across through the little culverts I had made.

One of my not so favorite memories? When I got into trouble, my ‘grounding’ was weeding the garden. If I had a nickel for every weed I pulled…

And when it comes to my favorite part about Jericho, it’s hard to limit that answer. When customers tell me “we don’t go anywhere else”, or literally fight back tears in appreciation for a hand written ‘thank you’ card that we sent them… those are powerful reinforcements that we are doing the right things. But that’s not something that happens every day.

What happens every day is that our people come to work knowing that our goal for them is to go home better than they came. We hear about it when it happens; they tell us about a problem they solved, or a challenge they overcame, or a customer that they helped avoid making a huge gardening mistake.

But if I really had to give a single answer, it would be reading what members of our staff said in their comments on this page.”

Jennifer Hobson

“I grew up in the Northeast Kingdom of Vermont. It was 5 minutes from Canada and 10 minutes from New Hampshire and for five or ten years in a row it was the coldest place in the country. 75 below zero wind chill. STUPID cold. What was the question? Oh, my earliest GARDENING memories…

Our vegetable garden was at least half an acre. I was five, out there with my Grandmother. She had a paring knife in one pocket of her apron, and a salt shaker in the other, and we would go out grazing in the garden; she would cut things up for me. One of my fondest memories.

And when it came to be Fall, we had a border of shrub roses all along the front of our house, and we had to cut them back and wrap them in burlap and protect them so they would make it through a Zone 3 winter. Hard work, but they were pretty all summer long. I had an idyllic childhood. Grew up on a farm, lots of acreage.. I can still see my Grandmother in that apron…

My favorite part about Jericho? We have so many really great repeat customers, people that have kept up with me and followed me for fifteen years, that bake us a pie from the fruit they have grown, that stop by just to say hello. We have a really faithful base that come here because it makes them happy to be here.

And we have customers who come to see certain people here; many of the people on our team have their own followers too.”


Amanda’s professional connection with plants started at age 10, helping a florist friend of the family, and her first ‘real jobs’ were in floral shops.  When she moved to Albuquerque from Seattle, she transitioned into the nursery field.

”I like the science behind the plants. I really like helping educate people, whether it’s about how to fix something, or about the perfect thing for their yard. I like giving people the knowledge.”  

Amanda wins the prize for her first gardening memory: “I was two years old.  We had a big forget-me-not shrub.  Blue.”


A visit to Jack’s home is a combination guided tour and seminar on making a New Mexico yard beautiful.  Every tree and shrub has a reason for being where it is, and a story of how it will look in the months and years ahead.

Jack not only lends his experience and helping hands to the daily walk-in customers at Jericho, he also does landscaping consultation to help our customers decide what, when, and WHERE to plant.  And on his days off… he’s just enjoying his yard!


Alfredo grew up on a ranch in Mexico, one of 15 children, and everybody was involved in the family garden; frijole, corn, all kinds of vegetables.  He moved here from Los Angeles where he worked at a huge nursery.

His favorite part of the job?

“Taking care of the plants, keeping them healthy, and keeping the place clean. I don’t like anybody just dropping things and leaving it like that. I like to keep everything in order.”


“I just enjoy being a part of the Jericho team, and it’s so great to see familiar faces year after year as long time customers renew their yards and gardens.  Working with the plant life and helping people learn to grow flowers and vegetables and beautify their property – that’s real therapy for me, just like gardening is for so many people.”

Jeremiah definitely knows more than the average guy his age about gardening!

“I love interacting with people who know something about gardening.”


So if you spend 5 days a week at a resort, what do you for fun on weekends? Just ask Gary – he is a full time grounds-keeper at Tamaya, and enjoys his Sundays by sharing his 30 years of experience with his Jericho family!

Gary’s family moved to Albuquerque in 1970 from sunny California, and he still remembers the palm trees, tropical bird of paradise, and especially the fruit trees that his Grandpa planted for each of the grandchildren.


So… how did I end up at Jericho? I have a business where I teach yoga to the elderly in assisted living homes, Alzheimer’s and dementia units and also independent living.. and I saw things starting to shut down and was keeping up with the news and I thought “Oh my gosh! I might need to get another job! So I emailed Jericho and told them “I have a degree in fine arts and art history, I’m a master gardener, a 25 year Albuquerque home gardener, and I have been a patron of Jericho for a long time and I would love to work here!” And in part I was looking for extra income because my daughter is going to Syracuse law school starting in the fall and I thought if I could work three days a week… and Rick said “Please, can you work full time?”

So I work Wednesday through Sunday and do video yoga with some of my clients on Mondays and Tuesdays, and I am SO grateful to be here. I love it here. I love working with everybody that works here, and love the plants. I love to use my art and help people make wonderful flower gardens. It’s amazing what combinations of textures and colors can do if you have artistic training and can share it with people. I’m planning to be here NEXT year!

(What Susan doesn’t realize is how artsy we need to be around Halloween and Christmas!)


I started at Rolands in the early 70’s. Jericho is like a family. We love each other and we love plants and the people who shop here!


My Dad made me do it. I came out from Arizona and I’m learning a ton about plants, flowers, trees.. stuff that I never knew. I have been working in a restaurant since I was 15. I love people, I love communication with people and making them happy. Although I don’t know a ton about the nursery business I do know a ton about people and how to make them happy. That ties into this, and I’m catching on.


I just graduated from high school; this is my first job. I like everything here… the plants, the people, everything. I want to stay in the plant nursery business. I plan to major in botany when I go to college!


Kiana grew up on a small farm in northern Idaho where her father took great pride in teaching his children about the native trees and plants on their property, quizzing them on the different species and helping them collect samples of everything for various school projects over the years.  Her mother, an avid houseplant rehabilitator, tended a large vegetable garden each summer and often tried to persuade her daughters to help with more than just grazing on the snackable produce throughout the season – “She always wanted us to help her plant seeds and help with the seemingly endless weeding, but our attention spans never lasted too long before we jetted off to play with our various dogs, cats, horses, ducks, and pigs!  So I’m afraid I didn’t glean nearly as much gardening knowledge as I could have growing up!”  

After college, Kiana worked a series of jobs in Special Education, homeowners’ association management, and commercial real estate and property management before moving to Albuquerque in 2017.  She came to Jericho excited to work in a non-office setting for a company that truly embraces the merits of local ownership and community connection.  “I wanted to be outside, working physically as well as mentally, and connecting with my new local community.  It’s been amazing to work with customers who, ninety percent of the time, are thrilled to set foot on the Jericho property and arrive excited and ready to shop, visit, and learn about anything and everything plant-related.  It’s also pretty incredible to me to be given the leeway to truly help people achieve their goals for their visit, regardless of their gardening experience, available time investment, or budget parameters – no ridiculous pressure to rush people in and out, hit certain profit margins, etc.  I have learned more about plants than I ever thought possible in a short amount of time because the entire Jericho staff brings with them an insane amount of cumulative plant (and life) knowledge, and every single one of them is always happy to teach me whatever they can.  I couldn’t have asked for a better “work family” to fall into upon arriving in New Mexico than what I found with Rick, Jen, and the rest of the crew.”