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When spring comes, it’s time to get gardening!

At Jericho Nursery, we’ve doubled our greenhouse space at our Alameda nursery location, to offer even more beautiful, healthy bedding plants. Whether you’re looking for flowering annuals like pansies, petunias, geraniums or marigolds, or vegetable plants, you’ll be in a gardener’s heaven when you visit Jericho!

Bedding Plants & Seeds

We SO STRONGLY believe in compost and root stimulator that we TRIPLE OUR WARRANTY on your plants when you buy and use these products. Our 30 day warranty is TRIPLED TO 90 DAYS when you buy and use these products in September, October, and November. IF you buy a deciduous tree that would still be dormant when the 90 days is up, we guarantee that tree will leaf out in Spring (April/May).

GENERAL Planting Guide

This guide is GENERAL; when it’s hot & you’re thirsty, so are your plants.

  1. Dig a hole about twice as wide but only as dep as the soil level of the container. This can fluctuate on large containers & B&B trees. The plant should end up at ground level.
  2. Mix native soil about 50/50 with compost to back fill around the root ball. Then make a well about 3 inches deep around the plant for maintaining water. The well should be approximately 2 to 3 feet in diameter.
  3. Water heavily at the time of planting, if it’s hot, water daily for 2-3 weeks. Then slowly reduce watering to 3-4 times weekly.
  4. Use root stimulator once weekly for AT LEAST a month. Longer is always better. PLEASE, please, please be sure to winter water, once every week over the winter.

New Mexico Ready!

We carefully select bedding plants and seeds for our New Mexico climate and altitude.

Choose from the many varieties of heirloom, organic, and sturdy plants – tomatoes, peppers, chile, squash, melons, eggplant, and so much more! We also have many types of herbs for your indoor or outdoor herb garden, as well as garden seeds and seed potatoes, onion sets, strawberries and asparagus sets.

Whatever type of flower or vegetable bedding plants, seeds and planting sets you’re looking for, browse our photo gallery below for a few of our offerings and shop our expanded greenhouses on Alameda, just east of Second Street. You’ll also find a huge selection of flowering annuals, perennials, roses, trees and shrubs, garden art and gifts, pots and pottery, fountains, and landscaping needs.

At Jericho Nursery, we’re your Gardening Angels, providing All Your Yard and Garden Needs™ for New Mexico gardeners.

Time to start planting Veggies & Flowers!

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