In today's press conference, Governor Grisham announced that effective Friday, May 15th, all businesses could open for business at 25% Fire Department capacity.

As we state on our website and in previous newsletters to our subscribers, we would be cancelling appointments when that happens and give you as much notice as possible. We would LOVE to have you subscribe to our weekly newsletter so you get great news every Friday morning about new stock, special sales, and special events. To subscribe, CLICK HERE.

Our records indicate that you had scheduled a curbside pickup on or after Friday May 15th, so you are the FIRST to get this news. Another announcement will go out to our regular subscribers later this evening.

We will return to the process that was in place when restrictions were first implemented, including a limitation of 15 cars in our parking lot at a time. Fortunately, our fire department capacity is sufficient to allow you to bring ONE friend or family member. In fact, 'ride sharing' might be a really good idea due to the parking limitations... so INVITE a fellow gardener to join you! (We will also be taking cash again.)

We will be refreshing our social distancing lines, and we will count on our great customers to continue to keep the health and wellbeing of their fellow shoppers and our staff in mind as we enter this phase of crisis management.

We are honored by your support, and appreciative of your patience throughout this situation. If our parking lot is full when you arrive, please wait in the Jiffy lot adjacent to our property, and shop as efficiently as possible during your visit.

Rick and Jen