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Jericho Nursery is “flowing” with ideas!

Adding a fountain or water feature to your home’s landscaping is a wonderful idea – you’ll enjoy the peaceful sound of trickling water while birds, butterflies and other wildlife enjoy a source of water in our New Mexico climate.


Turn-Key Tranquility

At Jericho Nursery, we offer many types of fountains for your yard and garden, from natural stone drilled to produce a bubbling rock fountain, cast concrete fountains, and ceramic pots that fill with water to overflow into a catch basin below.

From large to small fountains, tall fountains to ones shaped more horizontally, come and browse the selection.

We can deliver and install the fountain as well! And, if your area also offers space for planting beds near the fountain, get ideas and expert advice from our nursery professionals on the best plants to place near the fountain.

Check our photo gallery below to see a few ideas, then visit our Jericho Nursery on Alameda, just east of Second Street. You’ll find many planting containers, expert advice, and a huge selection of flowering annuals, perennials, roses, trees and shrubs, pots and pottery, fountains, and landscaping supplies.

At Jericho Nursery, we’re your Gardening Angels, providing All Your Yard and Garden Needs™ for New Mexico gardeners.

From Trickling to Pouring…

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